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B>An evocative new novel about Emily Dickinson''s longtime maid, Margaret Maher, whose bond with the poet--and ultimate betrayal--ensured Dickinson''s legacy would live on, from the USA Today bestselling author of Flight of the Sparrow, Amy Belding Brown./b> br> br>Massachusetts, 1869. Margaret Maher has never been one to settle down. At twenty-seven, she''s never met a man who has tempted her enough to relinquish her independence to a matrimonial fate, and she hasn''t stayed in one place for long since her family fled the potato famine a decade ago.br>br>When Maggie accepts a temporary position at the illustrious Dickinson family home in Amherst, it''s only to save up enough for a ticket west to join her brothers in California. Maggie never imagines she will form a life-altering friendship with the eccentric, brilliant Miss Emily or that she''ll stay at the Homestead for the next thirty years.br>br>In this richly drawn novel, Amy Belding Brown explores what it is to be an outsider looking in, and she sheds light on one of Dickinson''s closest confidantes--perhaps the person who knew the mysterious poet best--whose quiet act changed history and continues to influence literature to this very day.

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